Reliability Training Technical Paper

The purpose of this tutorial is to highlight key traits for the effective management of a reliability program. The basic premise is no single list of reliability activities will work for every product. Every product development and production team faces a different history, constraints, and a different set of variables and uncertainties. Such that what worked for the last program may or may not be appropriate for the current project. There are a handful of key traits that separate the valuable programs from the merely busy programs. These traits and the underlying structure can provide a framework to create a cost effective and efficient reliability program.

A product's design, supply chain and assembly process in large part establish the product's reliability performance. A product well suited for the use application will meet or exceed the customer's durability expectations. The myriad of decisions by the entire design and production team creates the eventual product reliability performance. The structure for these decisions is the focus on this tutorial.

Considering that each activity of a design team takes resources such as time and money to accomplish, focusing the use of these resources on activities of high value is a common strategy. Including product reliability in the value proposition permits the entire team to weigh the importance of product reliability and the appropriate use of tools to accomplish both the business and product reliability objectives.

The basic premise of this tutorial is the underlying concept that no one set of reliability activities is appropriate for every product development situation. Selecting and integrating the best tools permits the execution of an effective and efficient reliability program.

The traits of very good reliability programs and examples of very poor practices in this tutorial serve to illustrate how to approach establishing an effective reliability program. Highlighting the basic structure along with guidelines on how to tailor a reliability program will permit the repeatable creation of reliable products.