Businesses today are having to ask themselves many questions in order to survive the economic downturn:

* How do you compete in this environment?
* What does it take to obtain business from an existing or prospective customer?

You can say that if you knew the answer to that, you wouldn’t be struggling as hard as we are! Yet we need to recognize that there needs to be a competitive edge to win that next order. WHAT IS IT? Part of it is the mentality and capability to know the two edges of the sword to achievement:

* How well do you know your customer or the prospect?
* How well do we know ourselves?

We wouldn’t start a trip or begin to work on something unless we had a plan, and the subsequent measurement points to ensure accomplishing what we set out to.

How can you drive your business without a strong commitment to Performance Measurements? Think about the following:

* Have we met the expectations of our external and internal customers? What did that bring to us? How do we know – what is the mechanism that measures that?

This only the beginning. What measure have you put in place to ensure success?

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