The following is a string of excerpts from e-mail messages with a potential client who attended the recent “practical reliability testing” webinar . The questions were sent to me since client is in NY. We have started up a dialog around these questions.
Q: We always struggle with sample sizes, quantifying all of the potential accelerating stresses on product like optical fiber amplifiers which have hundreds of components. other issues like speed of finishing testing while getting product to market with good reliability.
( Several days later) What I really meant by the question was what if the product you are working on is rather expensive and you are to only get 1 (and if you’re lucky 2) samples to test.
(Days later)
What do you do when you can’t take the product to failure and you really can’t overstress due to the fact you only have 1?

when you have 1 or 2 samples to do a full qualification as well as reliability and don’t have field data……..

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