Ops A La Carte realizes the need for training for all manufacturers in order to create better products. To this end we have designed courses that will meet the needs of our clients no matter what industry you may be part of.

We offer all of our Reliability Training Seminars as in-house courses. To further meet the needs of the general public we also offer many of our popular courses at our facility.

All of our In-House reliability training courses are completely customized and combined with other courses in order to tailor our training to the needs of our client’s. All reliability training will cover the principles, theory, and applications of reliability with lectures and workshops.

You can see our course outlines for more information and to determine what you will need to do to participate in the training.

We prefer to liimit our classes to 20 or less students in order to provide the best and most successful experience for our clients. We will supply a hard copy of all training courses and an electronic PDF version of the seminars is also available.

Please see our site for more information or to tailor specific training to meet your exact needs. Click for more Reliability Training information and our schedule of upcoming reliability classes.

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