Ops A La Carte is a private California LLC and is a 100% owner-operated business. Founded in 2000 the company’s sales broke the $1,000,000 milestone in its first 4 years, with growth rates of 100-400% per year and is continuing at this growth rate. Our customer base is over 300 companies. The company has been profitable through every quarter since our inception. All growth has been funded solely through the profits of the business.

Ops A La Carte has established worldwide recognition as a result of our team’s long-term presence in the Reliability field, extensive lecturing locally and worldwide, regular publication of technical papers, and active participation on reliability committees including RAMS, IEEE, ASQ, ARS, and AST. Ops A La Carte is made up of a group of highly accomplished Reliability Consultants.

As a result of serving clients in many individual phases of Reliability, Ops A La Carte has developed a complete menu of Reliability Engineering Services. These services cover the complete range of your product’s life cycle.

Ops A La Carte has a distinctive worldwide reputation for the process of Reliability Integration, the process of using multiple reliability elements in conjunction to greatly increase the power and value of any Reliability Program.

Read our complete About Us page here: About Ops A La Carte

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