I am heading to Taiwan and China right after Thanksgiving to teach my Design for Reliability class.

I would appreciate very much if you could pass these fliers to all your Asian clients in Taiwan and Shenzhen. Below are details and attached is class info for each in Mandarin.

And if you have any clients in either area that would like for me to stop by, please let them know that my available dates are Dec 1 and 3 for visits in Taiwan, Dec 4 for visits in Hong Kong, and Dec 5 in Shenzhen (most companies do work Saturdays there so I guess I will be too). Possibly the afternoon of Dec 8 in Shenzhen or Hong Kong on my way to the airport but that will be tighter).

The cost is $30 USD so it is very very inexpensive – just trying to get exposure out there.

And I am offering all attendees (as well as any of you that successfully refers a client to my seminar) a free e-copy of my brand new book:

“How Reliable Is Your Product? 50 Ways to Improve Your Product Reliability”

The link for registering is:

Email for details or for a brochure of the course outline/directions in Mandarin.

Best regards,
Mike Silverman, CRE
Managing Partner, Ops A La Carte, LLC
(408) 472-3889

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