Warranty Analysis

Sept 10, 2014: Free Webinar 12pm-1pm PDT

Using a Warranty Event Cost Model to Drive Warranty Cost Reduction Strategy
Speaker: Robert Mueller
Date: Wednesday, Sept 10, 2014 (12pm-1pm PDT)
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Many organizations have become excellent at tracking both their product’s field failures and determining component reliability for current products from field repair data. These component reliability and product field failure rates now need to be converted to fully loaded warranty costs. Only when the ‘cost’ of a component’s failure is expressed in its fully burdened dollars can the relative importance & priority to mitigate that failure mode can best be evaluated. Putting it another way, when funding reliability improvement efforts, management listens most attentively to $s, not rates. Developing a simple and easily applied warranty event cost model is a central capability to reliability improvement engineering programs.

In this webinar you will learn about the warranty event model and how it easily transforms frequency of field failures into fully loaded warranty or service costs. You will learn how you can easily compare the fully loaded warranty costs of various component field failures and warranty event types. Further, you will learn how to apply the model to help prioritize reliability improvement initiatives based on both its impact on manufacturing costs and on its likely field/service cost reductions. Finally, the nasty little hidden secrets of software related warranty events will be exposed.

About the Speaker (Bob Mueller, MS, CQE): Bob is a product development professional with 30+ years of technical and management experience in software intensive product development as well as in R/D process and quality systems development including extensive consulting experience with cross-functional product development teams and senior management. After receiving his M.S. in Physics in 1973, Bob joined Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino, CA in IC process development. In the next three decades before leaving HP, he held numerous positions in R/D, R/D management and technical consulting including management positions in the computer, analytical, healthcare business units and in HP’s internal engineering consulting organization. For the past decade Bob has focused on agile development methodologies and practices that drive software reliability, improved software support operations, warranty chain management and customer satisfaction. . Bob is a senior member of the ASQ and a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE). He is the chair of the training working groups for the Institute of Warranty Chain Management and has taught many courses at local colleges.