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1) July 9, 2014: FREE Webinar 12-1pm PST

Title: HASS Screening Effectiveness: How do you know?
Speaker: Jim McLinn
Date: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 (12-1pm PST)

2nd Wednesday of every month 6:30-8:30pm PST

ASQ Statistics Society holds meetings once a month. The link to the events is:

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2nd Thursday of every month.

This month our guest speaker will be Dr. Kim Parnell and the topic is “Mechanical Design for Reliability – Beating the Tough Problems”. June 13 at 7pm at Agilent Cupertino.

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The most complete library of reliability information anywhere in the world

In January, we launched our site Reliapedia. Since then we have added over 50 GBytes of data, videos, and PDF files to the site and will continue to do so. The purpose of this site is not only to be the best source of reliability information, but also the most current.

This is the most comprehensive source of reliability information in any one place. Over 200 technical articles and presentations as well as over 100 hours of video content, including 25 one hour webinars, our entire CRE and CQE course webinars, and our most popular seminars. This site is perfect for those that want to learn at their own pace. And rolled into this new site is the ability to ask us questions and even sign up for weekly/monthly mentoring if you need a little guidance. And we are committed to continue to update the site. We are working on interactive formulas, a 40-hour seminar series, and more.

Non-members can browse through the site and see the abstract for each article, webinar, and seminar, and the first page in each chapter of Mike’s book. Members get access to the entire site.

We have set up 3 different levels for the site:

Level I (Silver) Members can view all content and watch all videos.

Level II (Gold) Members get all of the privileges of Level I Members plus you can email us a question to and we respond within 24 hours. We will utilize our engineering pool of over 60 consultants as well as our over 100 partners to provide you a complete and professional response.

Level III (Platinum) Members get all of the privileges of Level II Members plus we will assign you a mentor and set up a weekly call with you to answer any questions you may have. Customers who utilize this service find it helpful to write down their questions throughout the week and then bring them all to the weekly meeting to maximize each mentoring session.

Visit our site at Reliapedia (

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Click on Membership Site and then choose Membership Levels
Click the “Select” button to the right of the Free Trial line
Create your user name and password
Once you get confirmation that your account was set up, then you can click on the two files below to access.

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Applied Reliability Symposium – June 13-15, 2012, New Orleans, LA

Ops A La Carte’s Mike Silverman will be giving a presentation on "DFROI – Calculating ROI When Implementing a Design for Reliability Program".

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MD&M East – May 22-24, 2012, Philadelphia, PA

Ops A La Carte’s Mike Silverman will be giving a three hour class on "Medical Reliability Testing – Identifying Testing Requirements Early."

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SMTA Conference on Soldering and Reliability – May 15-18, 2012, Toronto

Ops A La Carte’s Peter Arrowsmith will be giving a presentation at this conference on "Improving Product Reliability Using Accelerated Stress Testing".

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IPC Conference on Test & Inspection – May 15-17, 2012, Costa Mesa, CA

Ops A La Carte will be giving a presentation at this conference on "New Techniques for More Effective ESS".

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May 7-11, 2012 in Santa Clara, California and via webinar

Design for Reliability (DfR): May 7-8
Design for 6 Sigma (DfSS): May 9
Design for Mechanical Reliability (DfMR): May 10
Design for Warranty (DfW): May 11 morning
Design for Software Reliability (DfS): May 11 afternoon

Design of Experiments (DOE): May 7-8
Best Accelerated Reliability Tests (BART): May 9-10
Root Cause Analysis (RCA): May 11

Each attendee will receive a copy of Mike’s book "How Reliability Is Your Product: 50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability"

Location: 990 Richard Ave, Suite 101, Santa Clara, CA 95050 and via webinar
Price: $1195 for each 2 day course, $695 for each 1 day course, $395 for each 1/2 day course.25% discount for seminars taken via web-conference
Group Rates: Every 5th registrant (or the 5th day for one registrant) is free

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FREE WEBINAR on Design for Robustness, Wed, April 4, 2012, 8:30am-9:30am PST
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Robust Design (RD) Methodology is discussed for hardware development. We will compare with reliability engineering (RE) tools and practices, and highlight differences and similarities. We will present proximity to ideal function for robust design and compare to physics of failure and other reliability modeling and prediction approaches. We will show measurement selection to strongly differentiates RD and reliability engineering methods. We will show how to get the most from each methodology and show pitfalls for each set of practices. This webinar will be a lead in to Lou’s symposium classes DOE and DFSS.


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