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April 6, 2016
FREE RELIABILITY WEBINAR – “Conducting an Effective DVT”
Host: Ops A La Carte
Speaker: Gerry Cohen, Senior Reliability Engineer
Date: April 6, 2016
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm Pacific Time

A Design Verification Testing (DVT) is usually an integral part of many technology provider’s qualification process.

But how effective is it in light of design, manufacturing, suppliers and customers?

This webinar will explore several methods and tools useful in conducting DVT.

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March 3, 2016

Food sponsored by I.C.E. Labs, ISO 9001 & 17025 Reliability Test Lab

Title: Physics- based life distribution and reliability modeling of solid state drives
Invited Speaker: Dr. Alexander Parkhomovsky, Ph.D., Engineering Development Manager at Lumentum
Date: Thursday, March 3, 2016
Time: Check in and food at 6:00PM – 6:30 PM. Presentation from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Location: Qualcomm Inc., 3165 Kifer Rd, Santa Clara, CA, 95051 (Meeting will be in the cafeteria, Building B)

Admission: Open to all IEEE members and non-members

Abstract: The model of solid state drive (SSD) life time distribution from physics-based life model considering the random nature of real world customer data usage and product inherent physical properties is developed. The talk is focused on the following two cases:

Case 1: When only field write duty cycle is treated as a random variable while assuming all other physical characteristics are non-random, it is found that the SSD life time follows . Reciprocal-Weibull distribution when field Write Duty Cycle follows Weibull distribution, . Reciprocal-Exponential distribution when field Write Duty Cycle follows Exponential distribution, . Lognormal distribution when field Write Duty Cycle follows Lognormal distribution, . Reciprocal-Normal Distribution when field Write Duty Cycle follows Normal distribution. The corresponding mathematical expressions for reliability, unreliability, hazard rate, MTTF, etc. are derived for each scenario accordingly.

Case 2: In real world, SSD endurance rating is also a random variable due to part-to-part variance from material in-homogeneity and inherent defects from manufacturing process. Given the distributions of field customer write duty cycle (stress) and SSD endurance rating (strength), the distribution of lifetime random variable can be derived either analytically, if closed form solution exists, or numerically using Monte Carlo simulation if no closed form solution exists. This paper provides a special case where the analytic solution exists when both random variables follow Lognormal distribution. A numerical example is given to show the application of the models developed in this paper. The results derived in this paper will benefit the SSD industry in various aspects of product design, development, reliability testing and prediction, field return/failure estimation and warranty management.

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March 17, 2016

Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016
Time: 8:00 AM – 45:00 PM (Breakfast & Lunch are provided)
Location: Juniper Networks (1194 North Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale 94089. Building 1, Tuolumne Room)
Attendance: Registration is Free!! Attend on-site or Remote via WebEx

Join us on Thursday, March 17, 2016 for a day of learning, innovation and networking at the 5th Annual IEEE International Reliability Innovations Conference. The conference serves as a leading platform for engineering professionals to share innovative concepts, design, methodologies, tools and applications to address challenges in reliability. Engage in technical sessions, workshops, seminars and panel sessions on the latest advancement and network with like-minded professionals from all over the world.

The conference is brought to you by Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and OPS Ala carte in collaboration with the IEEE Reliability Society (SCV Chapters), along with our prominent sponsors.

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March 9, 2016

Host: Ops A La Carte
Speaker: John Cooper, Senior Reliability Engineer
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm Pacific Time

Many of us are involved in HALT testing; sometimes we wonder if we are doing it correctly or why it is done a certain way. Some of us may not understand it and would like a basic review.

This webinar will include an introduction to HALT, an understanding of what it will do, and what it will not do, and how to plan for it. We will explore fixturing, setup, functional verification, and the actual running of the test. We will discuss the real value of HALT.

Advanced topics will be touched on such as pitfalls of HALT, how it can be misunderstood, and some case studies.

Tune in to this webinar for a refresher; invite your associates, such as design engineers or project managers, who would appreciate understanding HALT and might have questions.

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Jay and all the Ops Staff

FREE WEBINAR – September 2, 2015
Host: Ops A La Carte
Speaker: John Cooper, Senior Reliability Engineer and Instructor
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm Pacific TimeWhether you are in a startup company, pressed to meet a demanding schedule, or if you are in reliability engineering and are offering services to a startup, it’s important to understand how startup companies operate, and what their needs are in regards to product reliability.

Many startups today are fast-paced, driven by young college grads, and often funded through crowdsharing. They may be sponsored by one of several well-known venture capital incubators.

One of the challenges in modern reliability engineering is to help management and engineers understand the value and process of reliability engineering. In an electronic company, there may challenges to get people to understand such tools as HALT, or FMEA. In a crowdsharing based startup, the challenge is an order of magnitude more difficult. The risk of failure is much higher, when you consider the consequences of products that fail soon after shipment.

A startup company is under pressure to meet goals such as the following:
1) Quicker: Product development time must be shorter – time to market is much more critical.
2) Products must be better – higher performance, better quality and reliability (as demonstrated by smart phones, for example).
3) Products must be lower cost, which is cost of ownership, including warranty cost.

We will examine what the special reliability needs are for startup companies, and consider what tools make more sense – tools such as HALT – for results must occur in days, not weeks. In startups, decisions are made real-time, meetings are short; there is no “long term”.

Join us in this webinar, and share your questions or concerns.

September 9-11, 2015 in Boston, MA

The 2015 Accelerated Stress Testing and Reliability (ASTR) Conference is focused on highlighting cutting-edge methods to deliver maximum cost-benefits from reliability testing. ASTR 2015 is relevant to manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, defense, medical, telecommunications and other industries where reliability is a key driver of operational and business success. If your company needs to improve product testing with a goal to improve reliability, reduce warranty costs, improve profits, gain market share, and be more competitive, then the 2015 ASTR Conference is for you!

Abstract Submission Deadline is April 17, 2015; more info here.

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1) July 9, 2014: FREE Webinar 12-1pm PST

Title: HASS Screening Effectiveness: How do you know?
Speaker: Jim McLinn
Date: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 (12-1pm PST)

How does one know if HASS derived from HALT is effective? HALT and HASS find design and manufacturing flaws and failures. The bigger question is does HASS really prevent a substantial number of field failures? Secondly, what are the economic limits when conducting HASS?

This webinar will explore two different real world examples.

About the Speaker (James McLinn, CRE, CQE): James has 30 years of experience in high tech reliability, testing and management, in startup companies and companies such as Teradyne and Beckman Coulter. He has worked in appliances, consumer electronics, military, and biomedical development. His experience includes overall product quality and reliability strategy, Design and Process FMEA, reliability testing, QALT, HALT and HASS, reliability modeling, manufacturing test, quality control, and compliance engineering. He has taught reliability classes, and has managed various reliability, test and manufacturing groups.

by Mike Silverman

Sept 12, 2013: 12:00pm EST / 9am PST

HALT began 40 years ago with a simple idea of testing beyond specifications in order to better understand design margins. Over the past 40 years, thousands of engineers around the world have been exposed to the concepts of HALT and have tried the techniques.

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Applied Reliability Symposium – June 13-15, 2012, New Orleans, LA

Ops A La Carte’s Mike Silverman will be giving a presentation on "DFROI – Calculating ROI When Implementing a Design for Reliability Program".

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IPC Conference on Test & Inspection – May 15-17, 2012, Costa Mesa, CA

Ops A La Carte will be giving a presentation at this conference on "New Techniques for More Effective ESS".

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