May 4, 2016
FREE RELIABILITY WEBINAR – “Advantages of IEEE P1633 for Practicing Software Reliability”
Host: Ops A La Carte
Speaker: Ann Marie Neufelder, Founder, SoftRel LLC
Date: May 4, 2016
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm Pacific Time

Software reliability engineering has existed for almost 50 years. Software reliability metrics such as failure rate, MTBF, availability and reliability have been used successfully in industry to plan, manage and demonstrate the achievement of system reliability objectives. The newly revised IEEE 1633 Recommended Practice for Software Reliability provides actionable step by step procedures for employing software reliability models and analyses during any phase of software or firmware development with any software lifecycle model for any industry or application type.

It includes easy to use models for predicting software reliability early in development and during test and operation. It also provides for methods to analyze software failure modes and include software in a system fault tree analysis.

For persons who are acquiring software it provides the ability to assess the reliability of COTS, FOSS, and contractor or subcontractor delivered software.

This presentation will cover the key features of the IEEE 1633 Recommended Practices for software reliability.

To Register and for more info, please call 408.654.0499, x203

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