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FREE WEBINAR – October 7, 2015

Host: Ops A La Carte
Speaker: Robert Mueller, Senior Reliability Engineer
Date:  October 7, 2015
: 12:00pm-1:00pm Pacific Time

Root Cause Analysis of software defects continues to confirm that design defects remain the dominate root cause of software system failures. Yet, few non-regulated software development teams using ‘agile’ development methodologies emphasize formal design reviews in their processes. The design Failure Mode & Effects Analysis methodology (dFMEA) is a proven review tool for enhancing the reliability of a product’s design. Incorporating key elements of dFMEA methodology into each iteration of the ‘agile’ development process gives the product development team a continuously increasing product reliability growth profile from the very start of the software development process.

This Webinar will explore how software development teams have successfully added the elements of the dFMEA process to their Scrum (‘agile’) development processes, sprint by sprint. We will explore how teams augmented their definition of done (DoD) with FMEA process deliverables. We will explore what design artifacts (e.g., system models, object models, sequence or interaction diagrams, etc.) are typically used with the dFMEA enhanced sw design review process. We will also explore the advantages of prioritizing the product’s backlog using both an item’s value and its technical (e.g., reliability) risk.

Join us in this in-depth exploration of how FMEA can be integrated into the ‘agile’ software development process. Most of all, do not forget to bring your questions. “Yah-buts” are encouraged!


I’m Happy To Introduce Jon Ferguson
Our New HALT & HASS Labs® Lab Manager!

Jon has 18 plus years of reliability and quality experience, and has worked his way through the ranks from operator/assembler to Reliability Engineer at Quantum Corp. During his time at Quantum he was part of a team that developed a state of the art reliability lab and later brought his experience to Harmonic Inc., Tyco Healthcare, and Apple.

He has a history with Ops; for 4 years Jon managed the HALT & HASS Lab operations and has recently returned. He has also been managing the external lab projects and partnerships.

Jon received his training at Devry in Phoenix, AZ and later in avionics through the US Navy where he served for 6 years performing I-Level and Depot level debug on P3C Orion communication and RADAR equipment.

Jon has also co-authored 3 papers that were presented at RAMS, “Reliability Stress Test Method: Impact on the New Product Introduction Process, Time to Market, Field Reliability Impact and Reliability Assessment.” RAMS Symposium 2002; Design-evaluation and product reliability assessment using accelerated fatigue-life tests, RAMS Symposium 2000; Accelerated reliability test: Solder Defect Exposed, RAMS Symposium 1999.