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In this Webinar, we’ll learn how to set up an effective HASS, make decisions based on the results, and show how important the Proof of Screen can be. Several examples of HASS data for a system and an electronic module will be discussed. Learn how to begin HASS and improve your results.
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April 8, 2015 – FREE WEBINAR
Technology and Reliability Preparedness – Automotive

Host: Ops A La Carte
Speaker: Lou Lavallee, Senior Consultant, Ops A La Carte
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm Pacific Time
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Technology and reliability readiness both are intended to prepare less mature technologies for ultimate Inclusion into a future viable product. Maturation of technologies even before specifications are developed has a major effect of adding predictability to product development schedules. The ability to demonstrate a technology’s readiness for the rigors of functioning reliably and properly downstream under predicted downstream conditions , saves time and money. Identification of the generic functions and the ideal realization of those functions in hardware is described.

Flexibility and tuning considerations enable easier integration once specifications are developed. Early engineering work on functions and moving them toward ideal, rather than driving all dysfunctions to zero, is described. Reliability testing and analysis is still required further downstream. Examples from automotive subsystems are described.