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THEME: Why do this?  An abbreviated view of how to do it

A recent article in Bloomberg/Business Week (Dec 10-16, 2012) interview by Josh Tyrangiel of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook noted a key point in business practice/philosophy: “There are always things unknowable – if we are finding zero issues, our performance bar is in the wrong place”

WHY THINK THIS WAY?  You need to improve – it must be a way of business performance in all areas

  • People, knowkedge, & technology/information
    There is a need to understand your business performance attitude (Change it or Perish)

HOW?  (An abbreviated view)

  • Understand Value Analysis
  • Identify your Competitive Advantage
    (Quality, Availability, Flexibility, Cost)
  • Tool to employ (System Audit)
  • Practice
    Need a champion/advocate
    Establish measurements
    Use a standard (ISO – 19011)

How do you compare?  For more information or questions refer to