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Ops A La Carte is a Professional Reliability Engineering firm focused on providing you confidence in reliability throughout your product life cycle. We offer a flexible method of engagement from end-to-end reliability solutions to solving specific problems to providing individual targeted reliability services. We do this through reliability assessment, consultation, testing, and training. We have our own Reliability Lab called HALT and HASS Labs where we have successfully helped customers improve the reliability on over 500 different products. So whether you are having field failures or developing your next product and cannot take any chances on reliability, we will develop a reliability solution that is right for you.

You need to visit our Reliapedia. It is the most comprehensive source of reliability information in any one place. Over 200 technical articles and presentations as well as over 100 hours of video content, including 25 one hour webinars, our entire CRE and CQE course webinars, and our most popular seminars. This site is perfect for those that want to learn at their own pace. And rolled into the Reliapedia site is the ability to ask us questions and even sign up for weekly/monthly mentoring if you need a little guidance. And we are committed to continue to update the site. We are working on interactive formulas, a 40-hour seminar series, and more.

We took high resolution videoes of every class and have uploaded onto our Reliapedia site. Check out our Design for Reliability (DFR) seminar.

Ops A La Carte Company Statement 9/15/14

Ops A La Carte, LLC is deeply saddened to announce that company founder, Mike Silverman, passed away on September 13 after battling cancer.

Mike started Ops A La Carte 12 years ago with a vision of being able to support any company, with any product, in any industry, anywhere in the world to meet their reliability goals. Since then, Ops A La Carte has become a leader in providing professional reliability services. It's worldwide team of over 60 expert consultants have worked on over 1,500 products in 100 different industries in 30 countries.

Although we are mourning the loss of Mike, our valued leader, co-worker and friend, the Ops A La Carte team remains committed to continue its legacy of excellence for years to come.

Arrow Design for Mechanical Reliability (DfMR) - Learn about FEA, Tolerance/Worst Case Analysis, Probabilistic Design Systems, Fatigue & Fracture.
Arrow Design for Warranty Cost Reduction (DfW) - Introduces a proven warranty even cost model that helps identify warranty cost reduction solutions
Arrow Design for Software Reliability (DfS) - Highlights best practices in Software Reliability and explains their application and positive impact to each of
the development life cycle phases: Concept, Design, Implementation, and Testing.
Arrow Best of Accelerated Reliability Test Methods (BART) - Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), Accelerated Life Testing (ALT), and Reliability Demonstration Testing (RDT) are the best reliability testing techniques. This seminar will explain each and identify when to use which technique.
Arrow Root Cause Analysis (RCA) - Looks at RCA from a system and component level, identifying best tools, 5 Whys, 8 Step process, and FRACAS.

Last year we launched our DFR ROI Calculator as a means to calculate Return on Investment when implementing a Design for Reliability program. Since then we have used this methodology with a number of new and existing clients and are happy to report that the new technique has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm from all levels of management. We linked this methodology with our Reliability Assessment methodology and have developed a method of analyzing a company's reliability program, providing detailed recommendations for improvements along with a roadmap on how to get there, and now a way to measure the amount of savings when implementing the program. This is a true breakthrough in the world of reliability.

Refer to the EVENTS section for the exact dates. If you are interested in having us stop by when we are in town, please Contact Us Info. We will provide you 1 hour of Free Consultation with no strings attached. We will give you our expert advice on any issues you are having or trying to avoid.

Here is one of my favorite quotes because it fits our company philosophy very well:

"Reliability cannot be achieved by adhering to detailed specifications. Reliability cannot be achieved by formula or by analysis. Some of these may help to some extent, but there is only one road to reliability. Build it, test it, and fix the things that go wrong. Repeat the process until the desired reliability is achieved. It is a feedback process and there is no other way."
-- David Packard, 1972

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