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Reliability Assessment

The definition of a Reliability Assessment is a systematic evaluation of a broad range of potential reliability activities and tools as currently employed and integrated with one or more vendors. We can perform the Assessment for the Hardware, for the Software, or for both.

Whether at the ORGANIZATION Level, or the PRODUCT Level, Reliability Assessment is a great starting point to determine priorities for improving any reliability program.

Ops A La Carte offers a wide range of reliability services across a Product's Life Cycle. Our expertise in selecting, applying, and integrating to match your product requirements, plus our skill in educating and mentoring your team gives you the ability to achieve phenomenal reliability growth.

Since a Reliability Assessment is such a thorough evaluation of all elements of the organization's approach and execution to achieving reliable products, the assessment reveals areas of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, plus the organization's reliability maturity level.

Because our clients frequently ask how to evaluate their reliability program, our team of reliability consultants created this quick Self-Assessment tool you can use to get a baseline of your reliability program.

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You need to visit our Reliapedia. It is the most comprehensive source of reliability information in any one place. Over 200 technical articles and presentations as well as over 100 hours of video content, including 25 one hour webinars, our entire CRE and CQE course webinars, and our most popular seminars. This site is perfect for those that want to learn at their own pace. And rolled into the Reliapedia site is the ability to ask us questions and even sign up for weekly/monthly mentoring if you need a little guidance. And we are committed to continue to update the site. We are working on interactive formulas, a 40-hour seminar series, and more. -- Read More about Reliapedia

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By uncovering design weaknesses, we improve the design margins of the product, making it more reliable in the hands of the customer.

The operating and destruct limits discovered during HALT can also be used to develop an effective Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) for manufacturing which will quickly detect any process flaws or new weak links without taking significant life out of the product. The HASS process can ensure that the reliability engineering gains achieved through HALT will be maintained in future production. -- Read More about HALT & HASS Labs

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A La Carte

If you already know what you need, you can choose from our List of Services "A La Carte". Our team can quickly provide expertise, execution, and education. Hosting workshops, working meetings, hands-on training, coaching, and mentoring are all methods to bring your team up to speed on any of these services. -- Read More about A La Carte Services

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In his "Dare To Know" (DTK) program, Fred Schenkelberg talks with Jay Muns about his past work as well as his current role as Owner & Managing Director at Ops A La Carte.

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