Reliability Training Webinars

Reliability Training

  • Another Look at Today’s Reliability Engineer – ASQ 2011 – Gerry Cohen – Presentation
  • Gerry Cohen, Senior Reliability Consultant, Ops A La Carte, LLC
    Designing for Reliability
    • Quantify product limits & understand user stresses
    • Products fail due to variations or limited environments where stress exceeds strength
    • Stress and strength distributions – Stress / Strength / Fail Region

  • Battling Counterfeits Webinar – Dec 2012.pdf
  • This Webinar will Address:
    • The Issues, Failure Modes & Elements
    •Counterfeit and Industry Solutions
    •SAE Standards AS 5553 and AS 6081
    •Supply Chain Legal and Sourcing Solutions
    •Tess,, Verification, Calidation & Disposition
    •Risks, Liability, Reliability & Sustainability

  • IEEE ASTR 2013 Reliability Screening to Reduce Field Failures
  • Reliability Screening to Reduce Field Failures – Webinar
    by James McLinn, Ops A La Carte, 11-13-2013
    • Past reliability field data suggests problems may exist with new repairable systems when put into the field
    • New systems under perform within a few months of release
    • The “system failure” usually have several major modes.
    • A variety of new Failure Modes were discovered after release of prior systems.
    • Fail Modes may only be part of evident field problems.

  • Ounce of Prevention Strategy (Ops) Makes a Reliable Company – Jun2012 – Mike Silverman and James Johnson – Webinar
  • • What percent of reliability resources do you currently devote to prevention vs. fixing problems?
    • Have you ever had a major field failure that caused a redesign after shipping?