Accelerated Life Testing Sees Upgrade Through Leading Indicators

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Ops A La Carte knows that its clients are always looking for new means to improving their life testing systems. Without constant research and development of better, more efficient testing techniques, companies get bogged down in old systems that cease to be cost-efficient over time even though they may once have been the best available systems. Ops A La Carte's goal is to provide its engineering skills and services to clients that need the best in reliability testing under challenging conditions.

Understanding the constraints and demands of the busy client, Ops A La Carte's Mike Silverman and Arthur Zingher have filed a patent for a program that will speed up and improve reliability testing for many organizations. Leading Indicators is a system that is efficient and shows the limitations of the test specimen in the optimal time frame.

There are a handful of problems or complications that typically create issues in reliability testing. Time is of the essence, for example, and there may not be enough time to conduct older methods of reliability testing and implement product improvements. It may be difficult to regulate the acceleration necessary to really test the sample product. And it may be that ultimately there is no obvious path to designing a maintenance system that is reasonable in cost and not overly disruptive. These issues, which have often seemed insurmountable, can be overcome through the proper utilization of the Ops A La Carte Leading Indicators ALT method.

Leading Indicators (L.I.) is a system in which Accelerated Life Testing is further elaborated and strengthened. The idea is to combine ALT and L.I. in such a way that an exaggerated stress is put on the test specimen in a manner that will result in earlier, more accurate test feedback. Ultimately the goal is heightened engineering quality, which leads in turn to better product quality. When the time frame for testing is reduced without sacrificing data quality or quantity, then the entire manufacturing frame is made more efficient and the testing process becomes incrementally more valuable.

Leading Indicators will let companies see what kind of lead times are reasonable to expect; the idea is to gain insight toward predictive maintenance, in which the manufacturer is able to establish future maintenance costs (regarding hardware, labor, and work disruption) for a product. And, again, the end result of this is improved product reliability - a product that is marketable and likely to be a success for the manufacturer. The LI methodology shows, once again, that Ops A La Carte is a team of innovators aiming for the best for clients and end consumers.

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