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Reliability Training Courses

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Ops A La Carte Reliability Seminars

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Contact Us InfoAll of Ops A La Carte's Reliability Training Seminars are offered as in-house courses, and a selection of the most popular courses are also offered as public courses throughout the year. Please see our schedule of courses for more details.

In-House courses are customized and combined with other courses as required to meet client's goals. Courses cover principles, theory, and applications with lectures/workshops. See Course Outlines for details, materials, instructors, prerequisites, etc.

Class Size: We typically limit our class sizes to 20 students to promote active participation and allow the class to be more interactive.

Materials: Hard-copy version is given to all students. PDF version of seminar is also available.

Scheduling: Two weeks minimum advance confirmation is required to schedule one of our presenters. Please allow more time if you want the course to be tailored.

In-House Course Tailoring: For in-house courses, we offer tailoring of the material. This would entail a conference call with the seminar coordinator or with the engineers taking the seminar to determine any specific content they would like in the seminar. In addition, we will ask questions about your products so that we can have case studies specific to them.

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