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Reliability Education

Reliability Acronyms, Reliability Terms, Abbreviations

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AFR - Actual Failure Rate
AFR - Annualized Failure Rate or Average Failure Rate
ALT - Accelerated Life Testing
ANOVA - Analysis of Variance
AQL - Acceptable Quality Level
ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASP - Authorized Service Provider
ASQ - American Society of Quality
ASTR - Accelerated Stress Testing and Reliability
AVL - Approved Vendor List
CAD - Computer Aided Design
CAF - Conductive Anodic Filament
CALCE - Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (part of University of Maryland)
CAPA - Corrective and Preventive Action
CAR - Corrective Action Report or Request
CDF - Cumulative Distribution Function
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics
CLCA - ClosedLoopCorrective Action
CM - Contract Manufacturer
COL - Cold Operating Limit (see also LOL)
COTS - Commercial-off-the-Shelf
CPK - Process Capability
CQE - Certified Quality Engineer
CRE - Certified Reliability Engineer
CRM - Customer Relational Management
CTQ - Critical to Quality
DFM - Design for Manufacturability
DFR - Design for Reliability
DFW - Design for Warranty
DIP - Dual Inline Package
DOA - Dead on Arrival
DOD - Department of Defense
DOE - Design of Experiments
DTIC - Defense Technical Information Center
DVT - Design Verification Test
ECAP - Electronic Circuit Analysis Program
ECO - Engineering Change Order
EDA - Electronic Design Automation
EMC - Electro Magnetic Compatibility
EMI - Electromagnetic Interference
EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Service
EOL - End-of-Life
EOS - Electrical Overstress
ERT - Early Reliability Testing
ESD - Electrostatic Discharge
ESR - Equivalent Series Resistance
FAR - Failure Analysis Report or Request
FEA - Finite Element Analysis
FET - Field Effect Transistor
FIT - Failure in Time
FLT - Fundamental Limit of Technology
FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
FMEA - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FMECA - Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis
FRACAS Failure Review Analysis and Corrective Action System
FRB - Failure Review Board
FTA - Fault Tree Analysis
FTIR - Fourier Transform Infrared
FYM - First Year Multiplier
GRMS - Gravity Root Mean Squared
HALT - Highly Accelerated Life Test
HASA - Highly Accelerated Stress Audit
HASS - Highly Accelerated Stress Screen
HDD - Hard Disk Drive
HOL - High Operating Limit (also see UOL)
IC - Integrated Circuit
IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
IP - Intellectual Property
IT - Information Technology
KHZ - Kilohertz
KSLOC - Kilo Source Lines of Code
LCC - Life Cycle Cost
LDL - Lower Destruct Limit
LMM - Lumped Mass Model
LOL - Lower Operating Limit (see also COL)
LTPD - Lot Tolerance Percent Defective
MOS - Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MRB - Material Review Board
MSD - Mean SquareDeviation
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure
MTTR - Mean Time to Repair
NPF - No Problem Found
NRE - Nonrecurring Engineer
NSF - National Science Foundation
NTF - No Trouble Found
ODM - Original Design Manufacturer
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OOBA - Out of Box Audit
ORT - On-Going Reliability Test
PATCA - Professional and Technical Consultants Association
PCB - Printed Circuit Board
PHM - Prognostic and Health Management
PLC - Product Life Cycle
PLM - Product Lifecycle Management
PM - Preventive Maintenance
POF - Physics of Failure
POS - Proof of Screen
PPM - Parts Per Million
PRG - Product Realization Group
PRN - Product Realization Network
PRST - Probability Ratio Sequential Testing
PTH - Plated Through Hole
QA - Quality Assurance
QC - Quality Control
QPL - Qualified Products List
RCA - Root Cause Analysis
RDT - Reliability Demonstration Test
RIAC - Reliability Information Analysis Center
RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances
ROI - Return on Investment
RPIP - Reliability Program and Integration Plan
RPM - Reliability Planning and Management
RPN - Risk Priority Number
RPP - Reliability Program Plan
RTP - Reliability Test Plan
S-N - Stress Versus Number of Cycles Relationship
S/N - Signal-to-Noise
SCA - Sneak Circuit Analysis
SDFR - Software Design for Reliability
SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope
SFMEA - Software Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
SFTA - Software Fault Tree Analysis
SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineer
SPICE - Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
SRC - SystemReliabilityCenter
TGA - Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis
TMA - Thermo-Mechanical Analysis
TRIAC - Triode for Alternating Current
TW - Time to Wearout
UDL - Upper Destruct Limit
UOL - Upper Operating Limit (also see HOL)
USB - Universal Serial Bus
VDL - Vibration Destruct Limit
VOL - Vibration Operating Limit
XRF - X-Ray Fluorescence

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