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Testimonial from Ventana Medical Systems

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Robust and reliable instrumentation are critical to the success of the medical diagnostics industry. Unreliable test results from cancerous tissue staining instruments can result in inappropriate therapy recommendations, and the potential loss of human life.

When Ventana Medical came to OPS A La Carte (OPS) with our reliability challenges, we were developing a new product requiring ambitious and significant reliability improvements at ten orders of magnitude over our past experiences. We had done our homework and implemented a thorough design for reliability program, however, we still needed to prove we could meet the reliability goals for this product once the design was complete, functionally verified and validated. Situations like this are where OPS A La Carte's expertise excels.

The expert team at OPS assisted us in evaluating the available reliability testing possibilities, and with their help, we crafted a customized test program precisely sized to meet the needs of our project. The resulting program proved to our team, our customers, and our regulatory auditors that our product was robust, met its reliability goals effectively and satisfied all safety risk factors.

It was a historical moment at Ventana Medical when, at product launch, we could clearly state we knew exactly how reliable our product was and could prove it with objective data. Our customers are delighted with the results, and our management is very pleased with the project and product cost containment, this approach has resulted in.

Ops A La Carte provided highly technical staff and capable test facilities in multiple, convenient locations at an acceptable cost value compared to other available test labs. The complete "turn key" list of options available to us was more extensive than any other lab we surveyed. Everything from test program theory presentation, systems analysis, options and trade study support, test planning, test execution, test documentation creation, and executive results presentation was provided. With this excellent level of technical support, we knew we would not fail at achieving our goals.

We are extremely happy with our experience working with Ops A La Carte, and we look forward to working with them again on our next product development initiative. A more professional, customer focused, and value conscious test laboratory would be very hard, if not impossible for us to find in today's marketplace. OPS knows the customer value proposition equation and have optimized their services to meet customer needs in a highly professional manner that is head and shoulders above the competition.
--- G. Michael Baker, Principal Program Manager, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

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