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Ops A La Carte Reliability Center, United Kingdom

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Our UK Centre is run by Bob Page, Martin Shaw, and Niall MacLoughlin.

Bob Page runs his own consulting firm called Reliability Plus out of London. Martin Shaw runs his own consulting firm Reliability Solutions out of Scotland, and Niall MacLoughlin runs his own consulting firm Pharos Quality Solutions out of Ireland.

Ops A La Carte has teamed up with all three to form a UK alliance. Each company has a specialty in its own, and each is geographically positioned to service not only the UK but all of Europe and beyond.

Bob's expertise is in training seminars, hands-on workshops, and regular project management. Bob provides independent expert guidance and practical assistance to companies wishing to implement and enhance their HALT/HASS and stress screening capabilities. Hundreds of engineers from leading companies such as Eaton Aerospace, Filtronic, Renishaw, and Westinghouse have benefited from Bob's expertise, encompassing a broad range of engineering market sectors.

Martin has consulted/worked extensively throughout Asia, USA, and Europe. His role as a specialist in product and commodity quality reliability optimization gave him an in-depth understanding and insight of manufacturing process problems across a wide range of suppliers. Since establishing Reliability Solutions in 1997, Shaw has further broadened his knowledge and expertise in the field through working closely with companies within the Asia/Pacific Rim region. From them, Martin has gained experience in dynamic work environments where he expects rapid improvement at all times. These companies include Daewoo, LiteOn Tech, Astec Power, Samsung, Philips, AOC, Vestel, Acer, Royal, LiteOn Power, Heng Sheng Optoelectronics, Amtran, Fairchild Semiconductor, etc.

Niall specializes in Quality & Design Assurance Services to the Medical Device Sector. His specialties include:

We shall utilize this alliance the skills of all three of these talented consultants for projects in the Europe and Asia regions.

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