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Ops A La Carte Reliability Center, Czech Republic

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Pavel Urban is running our Czech Republic office through his firm PDEE. PDEE is a product development oriented office providing services and products in innovation and product development phases. Pavel was responsible for several initiatives and projects within Siemens, Continental, and Freescale Semiconductor. We operate in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland) region which is rapidly growing. We cooperate with several companies from the medical, consumer, automotive, and aerospace industries.

We provide complex product development solutions for our clients from idea identification to product launch with a focus on product reliability and robustness, accelerating time to market and cost reduction. Design for Reliability is the key element of product development process, and we bring this approach to our clients. PDEE offer several kinds of cooperation like workshops, project participation, training.

We are founders of Product Development and Management Association (PDMA EE) in eastern Europe as a nonprofit organization with the objective to share best practices in a sphere of product development.

PDEE and Ops A La Carte is a unique connection of local company and international network of reliability centers which can bring excellent knowledge and experience to customers in eastern Europe.

Ops Ala Carte and PDEE set up strategic cooperation in eastern Europe in a sphere of reliability testing centers. HALT, HASS, HASA testing will significantly improve position of our clients within product development and increase product capabilities and confidence in reliability area.

The adress is:
Pavel Urban
1.maje 1354
75661 Roznov p.R.
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 731 535 964
Email: pavelu@opsalacarte.com

Email: via our contact form

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