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Ops A La Carte is a Professional Reliability Engineering firm focused on providing you confidence in reliability throughout your product life cycle.

12 years ago we started with a vision of being able to help any company with any product in any industry anywhere in the world to meet their reliability goals. It was a very ambitious goal, but we can safely say after 12 years we have finally achieved that goal. We have worked on over 1500 products in over 100 different industries in 30 countries around the world, and we are ready to help you.

We offer a flexible method of engagement from end-to-end reliability solutions to solving specific problems to providing reliability services specifically targeted to our clients. We do this through reliability assessment, consultation, testing, and training.

We have our own Reliability Lab called HALT and HASS Labs where we have successfully helped customers improve the reliability on over 500 different products. Below is a picture of our lab team and our lab facilities


So whether you are having field failures or developing your next product and cannot take any chances on reliability, we will develop a reliability solution that is right for you.

Regarding the name, Ops A La Carte originally formed as a company that provided an A La Carte approach to helping clients with all of their technical operations needs and we naively thought that most businesses knew what they needed and would just pick from our menu of services. Over the past several years we have come to realize that many companies don't know what they need and they either openly admit that they don't or you can just tell by talking with them that they don't. They need for us to help guide them through the process. So the A La Carte approach clearly will not work for them. The Ounce of Prevention (OPS) approach is that proactive method for doing it. OPS originally stood for Operations, but I think Ounce of Prevention is much more fitting today, and therefore we have changed.



Our Ounce of Prevention Strategy (OPS) is right for you if you don't know what you need. These are part of our OPS Solutions. Our OPS Solutions also contains the following:

Ounce of Prevention Strategy (OPS) – a proactive reliability technique of setting a goal and writing a plan to achieve your reliability targets with no surprises.

Ounce of Prevention Solution (OPS) – a reactive reliability technique of identifying reliability deficiencies, solving, and getting your program on track to achieve your reliability targets.

Ounce of Prevention Standard (OPS) – the documented process that will consistently allow you to achieve your reliability goals program after program.

On the other hand, if you know what you need, you can pick from our "menu" of services and we will deliver reliability services to you 'A La Carte'

Ops is poised to meet the market changes in assisting companies to save money by only hiring the resources they need when they need it. We have created four separate programs to meet our customers' ever-changing needs: Ops "Solutions", Ops "Team Expert", Ops "A La Carte" and Ops "Training".

Reliability Solutions

Arrow Ops Solutions - Ops provides end-to-end solutions that target the corporate product reliability objectives. We call this our Ounce of Prevention Strategy (OPS)

Arrow Ops Individual "A La Carte" Consulting - Ops identifies and provides the missing key elements needed for a fully integrated reliable product.

Arrow Ops Training - Ops' highly specialized leaders and experts in the industry train others in both standard and customized training seminars.

Arrow Ops Testing - Ops' offers a comprehensive list of reliability testing services which we perform at our state-of-the-art reliability facility HALT & HASS Labs in Santa Clara, CA.

download Download Brochure: Ops A La Carte Company Brochure (pdf)

We have consulted in over 100 different industries: Nine industries of heavy concentration for us at this point are (please click on each to go to the specific page):

blue square bullet Automotive Reliability

blue square bullet Semiconductor Equipment Reliability

blue square bullet Telecom Reliability

blue square bullet Consumer Electronics Reliability

blue square bullet Military and Aerospace Reliability

blue square bullet Green/Clean Tech Reliability

blue square bullet Medical/Biotech Reliability

blue square bullet Oil and Gas Reliability

See our page About Clients for more details on clients for each industry.

Ops A La Carte is located in Santa Clara, California in the middle of Silicon Valley. Our client list stretches around the world.

Our test lab HALT and HASS Labs is also located in Santa Clara, California.

We also have 8 international offices:
blue square bullet Canada
blue square bullet China
blue square bullet Czech Republic
blue square bullet India
blue square bullet Japan
blue square bullet Singapore
blue square bullet Taiwan
blue square bullet United Kingdom

Please click on the attached links to find out more about each office.

Ops A La Carte is a private California LLC and is a 100% owner-operated business. Founded in 2000 the company's sales broke the $1,000,000 milestone in its first four years, with growth rates of 100-400% per year and is continuing at this rate. Our customer base is over 300 companies. The company has been profitable in every quarter since our inception. All growth has been funded solely through the profits of the business.

Ops A La Carte has established worldwide recognition as a result of our team's long-term presence in the Reliability field, extensive lecturing locally and worldwide, regular publication of technical papers, and active participation on reliability committees including RAMS, IEEE, ASQ, ARS, and AST. Ops A La Carte is made up of a group of highly accomplished Reliability Consultants.

As a result of serving clients in many individual phases of Reliability, Ops A La Carte has developed a complete menu of Reliability Engineering Services. These services cover everything for your product's life cycle.

Ops A La Carte has a distinctive worldwide reputation for the process of Reliability Integration, the process of using multiple reliability elements in conjunction to greatly increase the power and value of any Reliability Program.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should work with us:

1) We have the unique ability to go into a company and assess your reliability capabilities, match those capabilities against your goals, and then write a fully integrated Reliability Program Plan along with recommending a course of action for implementing new methods. We can do this at the Organizational Level as well as at the Product Level. We have a team of Senior-Level Reliability Consultants who are very versed with any and all aspects of the implementation process. Our team can quickly provide expertise, execution, and education.

2) We use Reliability IntegrationTM to seamlessly and cohesively integrate Reliability Tools and Techniques together to maximize reliability at the lowest possible cost. For example, we take the thermal sensitivity information we collect from a Reliability Prediction Analysis and feed it into the planning stage of a Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) to determine where to place thermocouples and to assure the proper monitoring is in place to detect issues in these high thermal rise areas.

3) We are unique in our approach to Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) in that we have the expertise to use the proper stress types and levels for your product and its environment rather than only applying temperature and vibration to every product. We often use voltage margining, humidity, power cycling, and more. By doing this, we can maximize the acceleration of the test while keeping the data relevant to end-use conditions. This approach allows us to improve the reliability of the product as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

4) We are innovative in our approach to Accelerated Life Testing. We have recently filed for a patent on a new and improved method for Accelerated Life Testing called Leading Indicators in which we have figured a way to detect indicators of failure before the failure occurs, thereby allowing us to extrapolate and predict failures and thus shortening the overall test time. This method has proven to work for many different types of mechanical and electromechanical devices. I've attached a presentation we gave on this subject at a conference in Washington DC last November.

5) We help customers through the RoHS process and assure that you maintain a high level of reliability as you transition to Lead-Free Solder. We do this through education, analysis, and testing. We are experts in the area of developing test plans tailored to qualify new lead-free designs.

6) We provide Software Reliability expertise, both in helping companies streamline their software development process to make it more error-free. We will also help companies measure the reliability and quality of their software to determine the optimal time to ship a product.

7) We help customers understand their warranty better, providing event cost models and supporting methodologies that help teams identify warranty cost reduction solutions which integrate both component fail rate reduction strategies and strategies that shift the support process mix to less expensive processes. The warranty cost model constructs the cost of warranty events from both event frequencies and the specific support process costs used to resolve each event.

8) We have consulted in over 70 different industries including but not limited to: Aerospace, Automotive, Computers, Defense, Energy (Fuel Cell, Oil, Solar), Medical, Telecom, Wireless, Video, and many more. See our page About Clients for more details.

9) We are truly a national and international organization. We have clients in over 30 states in the US and 10 different countries, and we have 3 international offices.

10) We offer services both at the system level as well as at the chip level and everything in between. At the system level, we work on products as large as 100-foot rotary drills or Semiconductor Process equipment with hundreds of individual assemblies. And at the chip level, we help companies with their ASIC designs and chip level test strategies

Ops A La Carte is committed to providing the highest value for all of our services, and we have developed a reputation for responding to our customers’ needs quickly and more efficiently. And most importantly, we are completely committed to your success.

blue square bullet Integrating Reliability throughout a Product’s Life Cycle
blue square bullet Well known / established
blue square bullet Well lectured
blue square bullet On committees (IEEE AST, IEEE Reliability Society, RAMS, ASQ CRE)
blue square bullet Pioneers of HALT and HASS
blue square bullet Rapidly expanding in other areas
blue square bullet Client need-driven
blue square bullet Customer commitment driven
blue square bullet Growing as a result of continued customer satisfaction
blue square bullet Developing our service menu as a result of direct client requests
blue square bullet Very scalable
blue square bullet Well connected with partners - able to quickly assemble teams

blue square bullet just project managers
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