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Our Ounce of Prevention Strategy (OPS) is right for you if you don't know what you need. These are part of our OPS Solutions. Our OPS Solutions also contains the following:

Ounce of Prevention Strategy (OPS) – a proactive reliability technique of setting a goal and writing a plan to achieve your reliability targets with no surprises.

Ounce of Prevention Solution (OPS) – a reactive reliability technique of identifying reliability deficiencies, solving, and getting your program on track to achieve your reliability targets.

Ounce of Prevention Standard (OPS) – the documented process that will consistently allow you to achieve your reliability goals program after program.

Reliability Solutions

What do Computer Laptop Battery fires, Toyota Prius crashes, and Space Shuttle malfunctions have in common?

Arrow None of them used our Ounce of Prevention Strategy (OPS). Our OPS methodology, if used, will discover problems BEFORE your customers find them.

In today's world of product development, product cycles are shortening, product complexity is accelerating, and companies are relying more on outside resources.


OPSOps Process

Ops Is

1. Assessing, Goal Setting, Reliability Plan

Discover Product Methodology to Reliability Goal, and perform Gap Analysis to Warranty Goal.

2. FMEA, Discovery, Test and Analyses

FMEA, DFSS, DFR, DFM, Tests, Pans, Manufacturing Verification Test Plan, Test Reports, Reliability Prediction, Derating Analysis, HALT, HASS, Ongoing Reliability, Return Analyses.

3. Monitoring & Continuous Improvement

Disseminating our Plan through your team and Suppy. Chain Provide On-the-Job Coaching and Mentoring.

4. Training & On-Going Coaching

Measure & Report Manufacturing and Field Reliability and Supply Chain, Out of Box Auditing, Continuous Improvement.

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Ops Results

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