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Spring 2012

Welcome to our Spring 2012 Newsletter Summary

Below Are News Highlights For The Past Quarter. More Details For Each Item Can Be Found At NEWS on the site.

All presentations that we gave can be found on the technical download section of our website at Technical Papers.

COURSES/SEMINARS - CQE, Free Webinars, Symposium


SPECIAL OFFERS - One Hour of Free Consulting, Self Assessment

NEWS - HALT Calculator on the Cloud,"50 Ways" book in Mandarin

FEATURED SERVICE - 2012 Reliability Symposium

RELIABILITY BLOG - Highlights of Last Quarter's Blogs

PROBLEM SOLVER - Reliability Symposium


We are excited to announce that our HALT Calculator is now available via the web - as a internet/Cloud-Based tool. You can use it directly at iHALT Calculator. And it is now being sold on Chart HALT Chambers.

Also, my book "How Reliable Is Your Product: 50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability" is now available in Mandarin. You can view the 1st 3 Chapters at 50 Ways to Improve Reliability - in Mandarin, or 提高产品可靠性的50种方法.

This quarter I will visit LA, Toronto, Philadelphia, & New Orleans. Whenever OPS visits a city, we offer 1 hour of free consultation to help with any aspect of your reliability program. Special Offers section has details..

Our Free Webinars are getting an increasing number of attendees. Last quarter, we held free webinars on topics of Medical Reliability and Design of Experiments. Next quarter we will be holding free webinars on Tribology and Design for Robustness.

As a Professional Reliability Engineering firm we have prepared an "Ounce of Prevention" Program designed as a comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative solution to 1) risk management, 2) failure mode and warranty analysis, 3) cost of quality plans and 4) training toward a sustainable culture of preventive action. To lead this program, we have hired Jim Johnson as new Director of Client Performance, Reliability and Quality Assurance.

We hope you find value in the following newsletter. Our next newsletter will come out the first week of June. Thank you for your continued support and interest.

- Mike Silverman, Managing Partner/Founder
2012 Free monthly Webinar Series

About Event: Each month, we will bring you a free webinar topic. Below is our current line-up for this quarter. You can click on the registration page for each event.

FREE Tribology and Reliability, March 7, 2012, 11:30am-12:30pm

Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion.  In this seminar, we will introduce the basics of Tribology, their impact on reliability and do so from the perspective of machine applications. Lubrication, film thickness, loads and Hertzian contact types effect the reliability of a design.  Weibull is frequently used to model wear characteristics, but is this always the best distribution for characterizing the reliability of machine elements?  All of these areas will be explored.

2012 Reliability Symposium

May 7-11, 2012 in Santa Clara, California and via webinar

Design for Reliability (DfR): May 7-8
Design for 6 Sigma (DfSS): May 9
Design for Mechanical Reliability (DfMR): May 10
Design for Warranty (DfW): May 11 morning
Design for Software Reliability (DfS): May 11 afternoon

Design of Experiments (DOE): May 7-8
Best Accelerated Reliability Tests (BART): May 9-10
Root Cause Analysis (RCA): May 11

Each attendee will receive a copy of Mike's book "How Reliability Is Your Product: 50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability"

Location: 990 Richard Ave, Suite 101, Santa Clara, CA 95050 and via webinar
Price: $1195 for each 2 day course, $695 for each 1 day course, $395 for each 1/2 day course.25% discount for seminars taken via web-conference
Group Rates: Every 5th registrant (or the 5th day for one registrant) is free

To register for the symposium, go to Registration. For more info, go to our FEATURED SERVICE


Course: Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Preparation Course
Date(s): April 17 - May 29, 2012
Time: 6pm-10pm one night a week, 7 weeks
Instructor: Greg Swartz and Pat MacMahon, Ops A La Carte
Length: 7 weeks
Cost: $1295. We offer 25% discount for those taking via webinar or for unemployed or for students not getting reimbursed.
Location: San Jose, CA and via webinar

Special new options:
Offered via webinar for out of town students.
Tutoring over the internet is now available.
Offered on-site for companies with 8 or more students (we did a class for NASA in Sept '11).

Description: Becoming certified as a Quality Engineer (CQE) can be valuable to your employer and your career. We are offering this Exam Preparation Course. Students have found it very valuable in preparing for the exam. Even if you are not planning on taking the exam but need a good, in-depth course in Quality Engineering, this can benefit you substantially.

Course Webpage: CQE Course by Ops A La Carte. For more info or to register, please Contact Us Info

For information on other course offerings go to: Ops A La Carte Schedule. All our courses are offered as tailored seminars at our customer's location. To view a list of all all seminars, go to Ops Course List

IPC Conference on Test & Inspection - May 15-17, 2012, Costa Mesa, CA

Ops A La Carte will be giving a presentation at this conference on "New Techniques for More Effective ESS".

For more info, pleaseContact Us Info

SMTA Conference on Soldering and Reliability - May 15-18, 2012, Toronto

Ops A La Carte's Peter Arrowsmith will be giving a presentation at this conference on "Improving Product Reliability Using Accelerated Stress Testing".

For more info, pleaseContact Us Info

MD&M East - May 22-24, 2012, Philadelphia, PA

Ops A La Carte's Mike Silverman will be giving a 3 hour class on "Medical Reliability Testing - Identifying Testing Requirements Early."

For more info, pleaseContact Us Info

Applied Reliability Symposium - June 13-15, 2012, New Orleans, LA

Ops A La Carte's Mike Silverman will be giving a presentation on "DFROI – Calculating ROI When Implementing a Design for Reliability Program".

For more info, pleaseContact Us Info

We will be visiting a number of cities this next quarter, including Los Angeles, Toronto, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. Whenever OPS visits a city, we offer 1 hour of free consultation to help you with any aspect of your reliability program. Please refer to the News section for the exact dates.

We will provide you 1 hour of Free Consultation with no strings attached. We will give you our expert advice on any issues you are having or trying to avoid.

In addition, we will offer you a free copy of Mike's book "How Reliable Is Your Product: 50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability" just for giving us the opportunity to speak with you.

Also, we have developed a new Self-Assessment tool. If you take it, we will also give you a free book.

If interested, Contact Us Info

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