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Winter 2011

Welcome to our Winter 2011 Newsletter Summary

Below Are News Highlights For The Past Quarter. More Details For Each Item Can Be Found At NEWS on the site.

All presentations that we gave can be found on the technical download section of our website at Technical Papers.

On Monday Dec 5, 2011 our HALT Calculator went live on our site and you can access it direclty whenever you need it. We are offering either pay by use or yearly subscriptions.

Our "50 Ways" Reliability Book was translated into Mandarin and is now available for our Chinese clients. You can view the 1st 3 Chapters at 50 Ways to Improve Reliability - in Mandarin. It will first come out in ebook for $10 and will be available on all the major e-readers in Q1 2012.


Dec 2 - Medical Reliability Webinar
Nov 10 - Solar Reliability Webinar
Nov 2 - MD&M Minneapolis.
Nov 1 - IPC Conference on Reliability
Nov 1 - Reliability Talk in Minneapolis.
Oct 26 - Conference on Improving PLC Costs
Oct 21 - ASQ Quality Conference
Oct 12 - ASQ SD Talk on Reliability
Oct 11 - Webinar on Simulation and Reliability
Sep 28 - Accelerated Stress Testing Workshop
Sep 22 - MD&M Chicago
Sep 16 - Reliability and EMC Seminar
Sep 13 - MD&M San Diego
Sep 9- PRG Barbeque and Seminars

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Medical Risk-Based Testing with the IEC60601-1 3rd Edition
We have always advised using risk-based testing since we began operations 10 years ago. Today, standards are catching up. The medical standard IEC/EN 60601-1 3rd Edition is one of these. Our discussion is about the International Standard for medical devices, part 1 of the third edition General Requirements for Basic Safety and Essential Performance. To read all about this go to FEATURED SERVICE.

Our Reliability Blog is booming. Here are some highlights of the most visited blog topics we had.

Reliability of Repairable Systems vs. Non-Repairable Systems by Aron Rolnitzky
Multiple Control Accelerometer Data - what it is REALLY showing you by Steve Brenner
Continuation of Supplier Development by Mike Gozzo
A Novel FMECA Approach by Murray Shubaly
Mahalanobis distance and reliability methods by Lou LaVallee
Harry & Sally and the Bathtub by Edward Smith
Integrating Simulation into a Reliability Program by Kim Parnell
Soft Errors and No Trouble Found by Charlie Slayman
The Case of the Malnourished Zener Diode by Harvey Altstadter

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