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Summer 2011

Welcome to our Summer 2011 Newsletter Summary

Summer 2011 Ops A La Carte Turns 10!

In May of this year Ops A La Carte had it's 10th birthday. We are very proud of our story and how we grew from only an idea to a global reliability consulting firm. We may have started small but we have grown to be a major player with clients in over 100 industries and over 30 countries.

Where do we start, there has been so much going on? In May Mike did some extensive domestic traveling visiting many US states and Canada as well. Mike gave seminars and visited with clients. The trip took him to New England where he talked in Rhode Island as well as Boston. Mike moved on to Toronto and then back to the states in Rochester, NY before heading off to San Diego to finish this trip. It's always a pleasure to see the avid response to your visits and our free one hour of consultation on any part of your reliability program.

Our Free Monthly Webinar Series has met with a welcoming spirit as we cover many topics that are of importance to all reliability efforts. These free webinars are on the first Wednesday of each month. You can see Reliability News Events for future webinars and to schedule a visit. Here are some of the topics that we have covered recently.

On April 5th we held "Reliability in the Universe of Solar Products" which was a huge success. The solar power and green movements are well under way and there is a lot of new activity in this market. In May we held the "Reliability and Quality Engineering Integration using DFSS and DFR Methods". In June it was the "Useful Synergies Between Prognostics and HALT and HASS" and had the Ridgetop Group speak as well.

Fred Schenkelberg gave a Reliability Talk in May at the ASQ NCBDG Roundtable which was held at the Stellartech Research Corporation in Sunnyvale, CA.

Also in May was the Telcordia SR332 Reliability Prediction Procedure Update. The Telcordia SR-332, was recently updated to Issue 3 and we updated our prediction too. We brought our prediction tool up to date for this latest document.

Reliability consultant Steve Brenner taught a seminar on MIL-STD-810 Testing in Germany. This was a four day seminar which included demonstrations and equipment observations.

The 2011 Reliability Symposium was held in Santa Clara during May. Many were in attendance at the main event with a group traveling from Singapore. The webinar for this event for also a huge success with people attended from as far away as the Czech Republic.

Our HALT and HASS labs in Santa Clara announced a joint venture with Chart for the installation of a Chart REAL-36 HALT Chamber. Dan Strom, Chart Product Manager, says he is excited to work with Ops A La Carte's services and customer base. "The range of expertise offered by Ops A La Carte enables Chart to offer the HALT/HASS market the most complete system solution available anywhere".

Mike Silverman said "We are very excited to gain access to Chart's worldwide reach of customers in the HALT/HASS marketplace. We expect to grow both our consulting and lab businesses as a result of this new alliance".

In April we moved our Boston Reliability Lab from Cambridge to Bedford, MA. Our intention is to better serve our east coast customers. The new location is within the High Tech Corridor of the greater Boston area. If you are nearby please visit us at 6 Crosby Dr., Bedford, MA.

Mike gave a presentation at ASQ Statistics Society meeting on the 13th. The presentation, "HALT-to-AFR Calculator" which focused on the SaaS Calculator. The tool will take HALT data and predict field failure rates.

Clifton A. Ericson II, Editor of the Journal of System Safety wrote a wonderful review of Mike's new book "How Reliable Is Your Product: 50 Ways to Improve Your Product Reliability". Clifton wrote: "Mike Silverman has delivered what few manage to achieve ... a book on Reliability engineering that is useful, practical and interesting. In addition, Mike has nicely woven into the material just enough humor to keep the book out of the usual stuffy engineering category". The book is now available on iPad and can be downloaded at iPad.

In March Mike was interviewed by Bill Marlow for the Bill Marlow Show. The podcast is available here.

On the 22nd of March Mike gave away free signed copies of his book at the "How Reliable Is Your Product" Book Signing Event. During the event Mike talked about:

  • Practical guide to improving your product reliability
  • Case studies/examples of companies and industries that are leaders in reliability
  • Pitfalls to avoid when developing new products
  • How to optimize reliability, maximize profits, and delight your customers

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