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Fall 2010

Welcome to our Fall 2010 Newsletter Summary

Our CEO Mike Silverman has announced that our newsletters have hit the 23rd year of publication. Each of our regular newsletters comes out in the first week of Marh, June, September and December, each year.

We have had a very busy year. In looking back there has been a lot of things accomplished. Here is a quick review of the year.

We added a new consultant to our company in September, Stephen Haytt. Stephen has 15 years of experience in Manufacturing, New Products and Product Development and specializes in materials science and engineering. he is a welcome addition to our team and is a CRE and CQE.

Two of our consultants have relocated and our new servicing new areas. Gerry Cohen has moved to South Carolina from Los Angeles and Edward Smith has moved to Pennsylvania from San Jose.

In August we had our Product Realization Group Symposium comprised of four sessions in two tracks. This provided an overview for CleanTech, MedTech, NPI and PRG Certification.

Also in August our seven week Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) classes started. These classes are intended to help you pass the CRE Exam and we were happy to see the largest class we've seen in over four years.

We have been in the studio as well creating a new video of Ops A La Carte with our reliability consulting, testing and training opportunities.

In July Mike Silverman, Dr. Dave Trindade and Rexa Azarkhail were panelists for a discussion on "Trends in Reliability" provided by ASQ Statistics Society.

In June we presented a paper at the Applied Reliability Symposium on From HALT Results to an Accurate MTBF Estimate.

The Green Technology Reliability Seminar, also in June, gave us the opportunity to present our Green Reliability Webinar Recording.

Voler System and Ops A La Carte teamed up to give a Software Reliability Seminar also in June. You can this webinar online with the passcode: swquality here: Software Reliability Webinar

Mike has come up with a list of what he thinks are the best of our reliability blog entries. We invite you to visit our blog and take part in it. If you register you will be able to leave comments on the blog where you can ask questions, answer questions or pose situations.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Reliability, by Kim Parnell
Soft Error Rate Count, by Charlie Slayman
Supply Chain & Quality: Optimizing It, by Mike Gozzo

We would like to take a moment to remember Gregg Hobbs who passed away on July 7, 2010. Gregg is credited with coining the terms HALT and HASS in 1988. Gregg was truly amazing and his ingenuity and spirit and will be missed at Ops A La Carte and across the Reliability Engineering field.

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