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Spring 2009 and Green Reliability

Despite the current economic situation, this past quarter was one of our busiest yet. In the current downturn, our clients have turned to us as a means to supplement their reduced head counts, and thereby maintain their ability to complete projects on schedule. We have created four separate programs to meet our customers' ever changing needs: Ops "Solutions", Ops "Team Expert", Ops "A La Carte" and Ops "Training".

We have recently launched our Reliability Blog. Read about the latest reliability topics that are hitting the industry and share your experiences along with your peers. Our Reliability Blog is a way to connect with our experts about the current issues at hand. This blog also provides an on-going source of information in order to raise the level of awareness in the reliability community.

We just released our first ever HALT Calculator in which we can calculate field reliability from HALT results. The model was created by Harry McLean, the popular author of the newly re-released book "HALT, HASS, and HASA Explained." The model is offered exclusively through Ops A La Carte.

Here are our upcoming events:

Ops A La Carte Live Seminar/Webinar on GREEN RELIABILITY - May 8th, 2009, 9am-12pm, De Anza College, Cupertino California (this is being offered via webinar as well):

  • Dr. Cheemin BoLinn, Peritus Partners: Getting the Bang - Green Agile Solutions Designed for Eco- Environmental Impact!
  • Alan Wood, Sun MIcrosystems: The End of Redundancy - alternative methods for achieving high reliability
  • Subhasish Mitra, Stanford University: Globally Optimized Robust System Design
  • Bryan Stallard, Ops A La Carte: EDA Usage in Reliability Aspects of Green Technology

Applied Reliability Symposium (ARS) in San Diego, CA - June 9-12, 2009. We will be giving a presentation on "Developing a Better Reliability Test Program". We will also be exhibiting at this symposium so please come by our booth.

To recap some of the important happening over this past quarter:

Our 2009 Reliability Symposium held in April was a big success and we got great reviews from those who attended. We also had a record turn-out via webinar. Our most popular classes were the following:

  • Design for Reliability (DfR)
  • Best Accelerated Reliability Test Methods: HALT, ALT, and RDT
  • Root Cause Analysis / Advanced Problem Solving
  • Software Design for Reliability
  • Applied Data Analysis (ADA) with Capability Improvement

We have added five new consultants to our company in several different regions of the US:

  • Rich Fries (Central US - Wisconsin) has over 35 years experience in hardware and software reliability, software development, regulatory compliance, and device design.
  • Gary Howell (Northwest US - Washington) has over 30 years experience in system modeling and analysis, risk management, threat analysis, probabilistic design, reliability, availability and maintainability modeling and analysis, safety analysis, accelerated life testing and accelerated stress screening.
  • Greg Larsen (Central US - Colorado) has over 30 years experience applying statistical methods to solve problems and has made significant contributions in measurement system analysis (MSA) and inventory modeling to better manage supply chains.
  • Ron Purcell (Northern California - Bay Area) has an extensive background in electronic design engineering and business, with special focus in Analog / RF design analysis, design-for-reliability, stress testing and failure analysis.
  • David Tu (Northern California - Bay Area) has 20 years experience in reliability testing and regulatory compliance, both startup and established companies in the Medical Device, Telecom, Internet network and Consumer electronics industries.

Ops A La Carte presented a paper at the annual Components for Military and Space Electronics (CMSE) entitled: "How to Develop a Qualification Test Plan for RoHS Products" by Mike Silverman of OPS A La Carte and Dr. Hillman of DfR Solutions.

Ops A La Carte presented, exhibited, and helped manage the 55th annual Reliability Availability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS). Cliff Lange gave one of the tutorials, Harold Hart moderated one of the sessions and Fred Schenkelberg was again on the management committee along with Cliff.

The featured service this month is Green Reliability, and in the spirit of Green, we have teamed up with the IEEE Reliability Society and the ASQ Reliability Society to offer a FREE half day seminar (offered also as a webinar for those out of town) on May 8th. We will highlight different areas of reliability focus in the world of Green Technology.

"Going Green" has many implications, from the materials being used to the type of energy being used and the quantity being consumed. Each aspect of "Going Green" has reliability implications.

We have put together a FREE Seminar on this topic to raise the awareness of how we are addressing "Going Green" from a reliability perspective. We will be hosting a FREE seminar/webinar on GREEN RELIABILITY - some of the current trends as well as some of the issues and concerns around reliability in this rapidly expanding market. Location - De Anza College, Cupertino California.

This session will examine:

  1. Trends and directions in the clean tech industry for green, reliable solutions
  2. Hotbed investment areas
  3. Ecosystem view of energy efficiency
  4. Business and environmental impact of green reliability and efficiencies
  5. Value proposition for green "carbon neutral" technical designs
  6. "Greening" as an economic growth driver and implications for marketing

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