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Autumn 2009

We have been very busy this autumn season. We are continuing to grow in new regions of the world and continuing to add new services.

We launched our HALT-AFR Calculator this fall. This calculator can be used to calculate Actual Failure Rate (AFR) from HALT Data. The model was created by Harry McLean, a distinguished member of the reliability community, and is offered exclusively through Ops A La Carte. The calculator has been met with great interest. We listened to the feedback we received on the initial release and have now completed an update of the calculator. There have been many downloads of the HALT-AFR Calculator White Paper and the Webinar Video

We have been working in the Solar Industry and were present at the MEPTEC Semiconductor to Solar Symposiumin San Jose, CA, where we presented the paper Reliability Challenges for Solar Photovoltaics and Opportunities for Semiconductors. The talk can be found on the technical download section of our website at Technical Papers, or by clicking that link.

Ops A La Carte LLC worked with Xandex Solar to successfully execute HALT of the SunMizerTM product and develop a HASS protocol for production. Our proprietary tools and patented reliability estimation methods were used to ensure SunMizerTM operates beyond its expected life, critical for a product with a generous warranty.

Friday the 13th isnt unlucky for us! On this date this year we celebrated writing our 2,000th proposal. It works out to be, on average, one proposal every day for 5 1/2 years (including weekends).

In October the SJ Business Journal announced that Ops A La Carte was one of the 70 fastest growing private company in the Bay Area. This fastest growing list is provided each year by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. This is no small achievement in Silicon Valley. This is not the first time we have been on their Top List. At the banquet held for the occasion it was announced that we placed 60th on their list. For more details, go to SJ Business Journal's Fast 70 List.

As for our new regions, we had a very successful first year in China and continue to grow our business in Taiwan. In December, we held our second "Design for Reliability (DfR)" Seminar in China (the first was in November, 2008). We also held this seminar in Taiwan for the third time. This latest seminar was in partnership with Chroma, headquartered in Taiwan. Recently, we closed our largest deal ever with China this year and also closed our first ever deal in Turkey.

Ops A La Carte is in the Medical Reliability as well. Mike, Nader Fathi, CEO of SigmaQuest, and Walt Maclay, President of Voler Systems partnered up for the BioMed Show on December 9 and 10. While Voler Systems and SigmaQuest brought their design, development, consulting and on-demand scalable solutions to the booth, Ops A La Carte provided professional consulting for Reliability Engineering. The event focused on improving product quality and reliability in the medical device industry. On the day after this show, December 11th, Ops A La Carte hosted an Open House at their HALT and HASS Labs in Santa Clara, CA.

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