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2008 has begun with a bang for Ops A La Carte

We took some time to relax through the holiday season and then launched our Winter 2008 series in January, with not a moment to waste.

Our popular CRE Exam Prep Course began on January 8 and continues through February 26 in Santa Clara, CA. Due to ongoing demand for this series, the CRE Exam Preparation Course will be offered again in late summer 2008, so if you were unable to sign up for the series this winter, you'll be able to catch it then.

Similarly, the Ops A La Carte CQE Exam Preparation Course will be offered in Spring 2008, starting April 1, 2008 and concluding on May 20th, again in Santa Clara.

These exam prep courses are sessions that are held once a week over eight weeks and they'll provide people who need training and explanation regarding essential questions in reliability with the answers and guidance they need. Ops A La Carte has carefully devised these seminars, as well as private course offerings, to cover essential subjects, including Reliability Techniques for Beginners, Design for Reliability, Design for Manufacturability. For more details on Ops A La Carte's 2008 public seminar offerings, please see www.opsalacarte.com/pdfs/OPS_brochures/OALC_Education_Services.pdf.

Ops A La Carte will be hosting a Reliability Symposium in Santa Clara in April 2008. Groups and individuals will be welcome to attend the symposium, which is scheduled for April 7 - 11; discounted group rates are available for this Reliability Symposium. Topics covered will include DfR; Best Accelerated Reliability Test Methods (HALT; ALT; and RDT); Design for Climatic Conditions; Design for Testability; Design of Experiments; Design for Warranty Cost Reduction; Mechanical Design for Reliability; Root Cause Analysis; Software Reliability; and Statistical Process Control. This will be a comprehensive program that reliability professionals are going to want to attend to gain insight into their own fields and to enhance their knowledge of aspects of reliability testing that may not be as familiar to them. Information on the Ops A La Carte Reliability Symposium may be obtained by emailing seminars@opsalacarte.com.

We have scheduled these events for later in the Winter 2008/Spring 2008 season because so much of January and February have been or will be keeping us busy! Ops A La Carte was on the management committee for the RAMS conference in Las Vegas, which was at the end of January. Mike Silverman and George de la Fuente offered a tutorial titled Software Design for Reliability. A paper by Silverman, produced jointly with Fred Schenkelberg (Ops A La Carte) and Dr. Craig Hillman (DfR Solutions), How to Develop a Qualification Test Plan for RoHS Products, was particularly timely, as more and more companies investigate RoHS protocols. Mike Silverman and Doug Farel presented their paper Competitive Analysis; and Bob Mueller presented a paper, Design for Warranty Cost Reduction.

February 11-14, 2008 will find the Ops A La Carte team in San Diego, where we'll be presenting a paper entitled Timely Resolution to Parts Obsolesence and Subtitutions Using EDA; this work was authored by Bryan Stallard, J.W. Smith, and Mike Silverman. The presentation will be part of the Components for Military and Space Electronics Symposium (CMSE); for information on attending CMSE, please email us at events@opsalacarte.com or visit http://www.cti-us.com/cmsecover.htm. Also, Ops A La Carte will be hosting a webinar, in conjunction with SigmaQuest. This will be held on March 14th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (PST); the topic at hand will be Managing Outsourcing Quality Risks. There is no charge for this webinar; more information can be obtained by emailing us at events@opsalacarte.com.

Companies that are facing challenges in regard to reliability testing will want to keep abreast of the Ops A La Carte seminar schedule; attending these seminars will assist your organization in taking advantage of the latest developments in reliability testing, keeping your staff on its toes and up-to-date regarding best practices. Ops A La Carte is also happy to provide organizations with private tutorial sessions to address specific issues that may be of interest. For more information on how Ops A La Carte can work for your company's benefit, please contact us at info@opsalacarte.com or telephone us at 408-472-3889.

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