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Here at Ops A La Carte, we are having a great year!

Despite the recession, or perhaps even because of it, people are realizing more thoroughly that reliability of the products they manufacture can mean the reputation of their business. We have seen more companies and industries incorporating reliability into the design of their products.

Our Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Preparation Course has gone off well and is continuing through November 25th. We have also successfully conducted several Reliability Seminars which ran in early November. For information on our courses please visit Ops A La Carte Schedule

Our Events
We have pulled off some really great events this Autumn, We had our "Sports" themed Open House with a Wii Entertainment System giveaway. In addition to all of this fun, we had many educational information Poster Sessions on these topics:

Software Reliability with George de la Fuente of OPS
Warranty Cost Reduction Methodology with Bob Mueller of OPS
Design for Six Sigma with Greg Swartz of OPS
Semiconductor Reliability with George Denes of OPS
Secrets for Medical Packaging with David Thysen of OPS
HASS Fixturing Techniques with Mike Abdella from Adaptive Innovations
Using Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools for Parts Obsolescence with Bryan Stallard of OPS
Product Realization Network - meet members of the PRN team, including ACS, AMS, Airtronics, Fusion Design, Haas Industries, Kent Landsberg, Millennium Design, NPI Solutions, Nuvation, Paramit, SMP Tech, SofTEQ, Solution Sources Programming, and TBCG.

In early October we had our Accelerated Stress Test and Reliability Workshop in Portland, Oregon. We presented two papers at this workshop, Linking Leading Indicators with HALT and HASS, and To ALT or Not to ALT.

Later in October we had a Symposium in Singapore on Applied Reliability. Our presentation Trapped by MTBF, which was a discussion on some metrics much more powerful than MTBF, was very well received.

During November spanning our Veterans Day Holiday in the USA we presentated a paper on New Techniques for more effective ESS.

Ops A La Carte has added four new consultants in the US:

Steve Brenner (Northern California)
Stephen King (Northwest US) Rian Leichter (Northern California)
Dev Raheja (East Coast)

If you would like more information about our team it is easily reached at this page: About_Team.

Webinar on Root Cause Analysis
This webinar went very well and has fleshed out some root needs, not surprisingly, in the Green Movement. We had polled our audience asking for suggestions on topics for the future. The most requested was for "Green Reliability".

We had over 500 in attendance to learn and discuss Root Cause Analysis. The webinar was led by our instructors; Cliff Lange, PhD of Ops A La Carte, Kim Parnell, PhD of Ops A La Carte and PEC, Jim McLeish of DfR Solutions, PhD, and Al Alaverdi of SigmaQuest. Each of our reliability instructors provided a short presentation within their area of expertise.

We polled the audience for suggested next topics and the largest request was for the topic "Green Reliability". If you have a topic you would like to see presented, please respond to us at webinar suggestion form. Stay tuned for more webinar annoucements.

Applied Reliability Symposium - June 17-20, 2008
We gave a joint presentation at the annual Applied Reliability Symposium entitled Practical Software Failure Analysis.

May 2008 - We at Ops A La Carte have just celebrated the 14th Anniversary of our HALT and HASS Lab. Mike Silverman, Managing Partner at Ops A La Carte started the lab back in May 1995 while working with Qualmark. In 2006 Mike purchased the lab from Qualmark. It then became a division of Ops A La Carte.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is the application of Six Sigma principles to product design, manufacturing and support processes. You'll often hear the acronym DMADV which stands for define, measure, analyze, design and verify in the same sentence as Design for Six Sigma. We focused on the development of new products in this report, as well as the fact DFSS does often apply to design, manufacturing and business process in the development of new products.

1. Determining Critical to Quality (CTQ) attributes most important to the customer
2. Enhanced Process Capability: What your process can deliver
3. Reduce Variation to a Minimum in final product output
4. Stable Operations: Ensuring consistent, predictable processes and improve what the customer sees and feels
5. Designing performance excellence to meet customer needs and process capability

Six Sigma methodologies have recently become very popular because they are very focused unlike previous TQM methodologies which were often unfocused.

DFSS is the repackaging of many quality tools and techniques appropriate for product development into a framework. This framework contains many of the same elements used in the automotive industry in the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process.

For additional information about anything covered in this summary, email us via our contact form.

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